Other Jurisdictions: All States, International Law, Indigenous Law.
updated 19-10-04

Other Jurisdictions

All States and US Territories

·       Cases. Codes, Regulations, Agencies, etc.
via Cornell LII

·       All States' Case Law
via Google Scholar

International Law

·       International Law Guide
(Library of Congress)

·       World Law Collection

·       International Criminal Court

·       International Law Library

·       Electronic Info System for International Law

·        Laws of Nations via Library of Congress

·        World Legal Information Institute


United Nations

·       Research Guides

·       Uphold International Law

·       Treaties

·       Universal Declaration of Human Rights

·       International Court of Justice

Indigenous Law

·        Indigenous Law Portal, Library of Congress

·       Indigenous Law Research Guide. Arizona State University Law

·       Indigenous Law Resources via Google

·       Indigenous Law via Google Scholar


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