A note from the SBCBA President about our

19th Annual Kaufman Campbell Awards Banquet

What a night, what a show, Kaufman Campbell 2018 is all over. 

It was a magical night. We had a hosted bar at the beginning. We ended with “Soul Station,” a magnificent eleven-piece band.  But we were there for more than a party. We came to honor Judge Bryan F. Foster. We had a very large attendance and many wonderful sponsors. Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to Judge Foster for accepting the honor. 

For those of you who weren’t there, you certainly missed out on a moving tribute to Judge Foster by our past president, William D. Shapiro. You missed out on an event that was not stodgy at all.  You missed out on a very enjoyable evening.

Thank you to our Secretary of Fun, Derek Raynes. Derek, you really know how to throw a party. Thank you to Justin King for picking the band. They played all sorts of music, from Prince’s “Kiss” to Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” I’m surprised that you can dance to a song about teenage mental illness, but it was a great performance.

Thank you to Barbara Keough, Mike Abacherli (Happy Birthday!), Josefina Valdez and all the members of our Social Committee. Thank you to Jeffrey Raynes for being our Master of Ceremonies. Thank you to the Orange Show for renting us an outdoor venue knowing that the K&N Pro Series West Night was happening at the Orange Show Speedway. Thank you to our staff for battling high winds and unexpected events to bring a smooth event. And thank you to all the attendees.

And thank you to our sponsors, without whom the entire event would not have been possible!


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The following sponsors are not listed below, as we could not locate logos for them. Links are blue, if available:


Olivia Schneider - Certified Spanish Interpreter                        

Hon. Raymond L. Haight, III


Legal Nurse Betty                                                Hon. Brian McCarville

Law Office of Ugo P. Ejike                     Law Office of Steven C. Geeting

Law Office of Matthew Taylor               Hon. Christopher Warner (Ret.)